Catalyst of innovative solutions in the field of plastics / elastomers

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Your consultant promoting the adoption of incremental improvements are part of a daily search for efficiency and progress.

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Who are we ?

eLab is dedicated to the industrial performance of continuous improvement, analysis, problem solving, engineering design and even research. We have acquired this expertise by dedicating ourselves body and soul to the performance of the production. We accumulate several years of experience in various fields of plastics and elastomers such as: automotive, recreational products, food packaging products and even in computer software programming management.

Our services are diversified

The outline of our services

eLab offers manufacturing companies the opportunity to improve their productivity and performance by becoming part of the company through services such as:

  • Performance diagnostics production systems
  • Process engineering, including product and tool design
  • Continuous improvement of business processes

Others :

  • Technical support for production
  • Specific operational performance development lab service
  • Environmental Management
  • Outsourcing workforce in the field of plastics/elastomers
  • Strong partners ecosystem in 4.0, services and academic

Are you considering a transition to 4.0?

How can we help you?

Know that there are 6 major steps to consider:

  • The alignment that your company must take
  • Knowledge of one's current state (company portrait)
  • Identifying and prioritizing sources of improvement
  • The feasibility of the improvements to be applied
  • The implementation of the projects that will have to be done ideally in phase
  • Monitoring and control of adjustments during implantation

Our mission

Catalyst of innovative solutions in the field of manufacturing processes focused on optimizing the performance of our customers in both advanced design and custom support.

Our vision

Leadership in process improvement by supporting the design, performance and innovation needs of manufacturing companies and OEMs.

The importance of the value chain

The value chain represents all the basic activities and processes and support needed to produce and deliver a product or service across all phases of its life cycle, from design to use.

eLab supports all levels of this global value chain. This in order to benefit both the OEM but also the manufacturers (Tier 1) and its suppliers of an advantage by optimizing the joint exercise of the activities or by improving the coordination between the chains. This gives the customer a competitive advantage by reducing the cost of the customer and improving overall performance.

We support the value chain

eLab Ecosystem - Tech partners

By combining our expertise with that of our partners, we offer you complete innovative solutions that allow you to carry out your projects, regardless of their nature and complexity.

Expert Hub between Advanced Technologies & Manufacturing Companies.

Our Values

The environment is important to us

Towards sustainable development

We work together with partners to optimize and develop new processes with better methods of recovery and recycling of raw materials. The misuse of plastics for simple use creates a real problem and needs to be addressed now. With our initiative, we want, among other things, to support and develop new concepts in order to give a second life to these still useful materials.

The strategy of innovation is at the heart of our approach

Collaborative R&D projects

Allows you to create this strength through a union with a wearer and one or more partner (s) to realize an innovative idea.

Why join a project for, among other things:

  • Have access to skills and tools that are not present internally to achieve the innovation objectives;
  • Find the complementarities necessary for the completion of concepts;
  • Mutualize R&D costs if desired;
  • Have more ambitious goals;
  • Share the risks associated with the development of new processes, products, ... but also the possibility of sharing IP and results for other areas and / or markets;
  • Access the results of an innovation more quickly than by being alone
  • In general, receive financial support from the public authorities of up to 80% in subsidies;

We will bring you to your desired goals

We will find solutions to your problems

One of our great specialties: the extrusion process

Your expert-partner in die design, products design, development, implementation and optimization of processes.


A wide range of plastic and rubber products are extruded. This process is widely used to continuously manufacture consistently-shaped parts such as window and door profiles, pipes, cables, tubes, flooring, films, optical fibers, sheets, rods, and sealing gaskets for motor vehicles, which are then cut and assembled.

Challenges & Potential

The extrusion process is a complex industrial technique requiring a strong expertise, constant human supervision and manual adjustments of many interrelated parameters. As it is cost-effective, its use is widespread. However, more can be done to further optimize it and reduce reliance on human intervention, since it still generates a large loss of raw materials throughout long starts or limited controls, leading to the production of bad parts.

Our Expertise, Your Performance

eLab Extrusion is ready to rise to these challenges. Our unique and combined expertise in extrusion, tooling and product design, quality, process improvement as well as plastics and rubber processing has already helped various businesses save millions of dollars. We are your solution when it comes to experienced technical support that will allow you to enhance process and product performance, which will in turn improve your business results as well as customer satisfaction.

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